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How to activate your subconscious mind power

We give utmost importance to what we see, smell and hear and consider it as ultimate truth, this is called conscious mind. Now there is also a part of mind, which records everything around, but we all are completely unaware about it.

Your skills, memories and all circumstances you have been through are stored in image formats. This is called subconscious mind. For instance, if you are learning to drive a car or bike, maintaining balance is nerve jangling. Traffic or hold conversation while driving can even haunt you. Why does this happen?

Because at that very moment, the conscious mind is at work, but what happens after few days? The person effortlessly drives the car without any hesitation, you can even talk while driving can drive the car with single hand because the training is stored in subconscious mind. This is called auto pilot.

Now, it is extremely important to understand how to activate your subconscious mind power:-

Learn to visualize

If you want to capitalize the abundant energy of subconscious mind, visualize whatever you want. This is so because subconscious mind doesn’t understand the language of logic and operate on emotions. If you can visualize and generate feelings, there is a stronger probability that you can achieve it.

Calm your mind through meditation

The core idea behind meditation is calm the mind. Once the mind is calm, nervous system restores to auto repair mode. Body gets abundant time to heal and you feel totally charged and refresh. Remember during the state of fear, the immune system and auto healing process halts and body goes towards aging.

Get out of your normal routine

Comfort zone never let your explore outside the boundaries. These boundaries are not formed by your enemies, but by you.  The comfort zone is derived from your belief system and past memories, which is the reason it is hard to escape.

Subconscious mind power can attract any energy from the universe and manifest in real life.


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