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How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill

Since the ancient, it is on e leader, who controls actions of millions. Since the evolution, the journey from apes to human, every race had a leader. Leader is a person with high emotional intelligence and decision making ability. You would notice that every animal species wander in a group with leader paving the way.

Emotional intelligence is not a new discovery, but our inherited part of behavior. We as humans are controlled by boss, government and various other artificial bodies. Who are these people, who control our consciousness? They are the one with never say die attitude, never interferes in other person freedom boundaries and are fearless in taking bold steps. As the Nike slogan goes “Just do it”.

Any person with leadership qualities has to have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence consists of five stages:-

  • Being aware about your emotions as well as others body language
  • Being empathic and loving
  • Excellent social and soft skills
  • Decision making ability
  • Self regulation

Various researches suggest that emotional intelligence grabs much more weightage than IQ (Intelligent Quotient) in real life and lead to quality relationship, platonic career and progressive social circle. May be a leader is not skillfully gifted like his compatriots, but is more than capable in extracting the dedication, skill, commitment and hunger for success. Yes we have seen numerous examples in the past.

These guys are master at the skill of diplomacy. Being a leader is not that difficult and any milestone can be achieved, once your mind, body and emotions are analyzed and accordingly regulated. A brilliant strategist can maximize the profit to an extent, but a leader cum man manager can take shoot the profit at the roof.

Leadership and emotional intelligence are co related, therefore, it is wise to understand that study of human emotions are way superior to intelligence and strategy.