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How to Cope up With Stress of Not Having Friends?

Let’s accept the fact we humans are social animals and need someone to share our sorrows, happiness, ambitions, and relationships. We are vulnerable and need emotional support to keep going. And often we seek emotional support in the form of a friend.

A person who shares a common interest, respects your emotions and cares for you. Someone who stands toe to toe during difficult times. A life without friends is beyond imagination, but life is not a honeymoon trip. We have descended on earth to learn valuable lessons of life and living one without friends could very well be a lesson.

Movies and TV series based on friendship is a work of fiction and can have no resemblance to real life. I remember during school days, we had groups and went together for movies, dinners, shared our things, even helped each other during the exams. And all ended when my chums changed schools or went away for better or higher studies.

I’ve realized people choose people who are like themselves. Similar fashion sense, familiar cultural upbringing, similar interests in subjects, etc.
And if you’re a little too unique, you might face a little challenge finding your own kind.

So, how to move from being lonely to being happy when alone?

The key is appreciating oneself. Once you start loving yourself and dedicating your time on your interests and building self as a person, you’ll find things moving forward. Having a lesser number of people around you means that you have more time for yourself. Satisfaction and love reside within, find it inside before you start looking for it on the outside.

I have talked to many people who have shared their experience on similar lines and I found that the biggest contributor to this feeling of loneliness is when people don’t have anything to do that they can be passionate about and they start longing for friends to spend time with.

Stop fighting loneliness; accept it. Embrace it and use it for your own benefit. Substitute your time with doing things that you would do with friends; Go out on walks, Learn Music, Dance and so on.

Set up SMART goals and step up your game. Start working to achieve what you always wanted and trust me, eventually you’d find people accompanying along the path.

We all go through such phases and so have I. And I’d vouch for various things that helped me give my perspective on a new horizon. NLP training made me a self-dependent person that I am today. And in turn, when I started taking things in my own stride, I made some friends. Not many but few and few is a good number to start with.

This is my story, you have a choice to make it yours.

Contributed by Diksha, Certified NLP Practitioner.

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