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Fulfill all goals through self hypnosis

What is self hypnosis?

Self hypnosis or auto hypnosis training is taking your mind to the deep trance state without the help of hypnotist or medical practitioner, reaching deeply relaxed state and auto suggesting the mind to modify behaviour, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Hypnosis is a taboo in this part of the world and various myths are associated with this magnificent field of neuro science. Unlike horror films and TV series, where a hypnotist is represented as a messenger of God with some mystical powers capable of controlling the mind and using it for fulfillment of unscrupulous villain agendas.

In real Hypnosis training is reaching the fully aware state, total control over emotions, feelings and thoughts, fully relaxed and ready to accept new suggestions. The person can come out of hypnosis, whenever he desires.

How to use self hypnosis for fulfillment of goals

If your mind loses in any situation, then your loss is fix, but if mind rejects the concept of loss, your triumph is fix forever. There are situations, when we feel like doing nothing and wait for some miracle to happen. Someone special will enter your life and everything will be changed. If the situation is vice versa, the mind surrenders.

Through self hypnosis, you can create imaginary instances in mind, completely focusing on the goal and nothing else. Taking your body to relaxing position, mind totally uncluttered and give yourself suggestions.

Giving suggestion doesn’t mean giving advice. Say it as you totally mean it, convince mind that you can achieve your goals easily. Be positive and affirm the statement again and again. Slowly your eyes will get tired and you will reach deep trance state.


Reaffirmation is the key. Self hypnosis transfers the command to the subconscious mind and during sleep or trance state the subconscious mind provides you the remedies and solution to meet the goal.

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