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Five ways emotional intelligence can get you a lucrative job

How do we get a new job. Let’s begin with the workflow. You apply for the job through a job portal. The recruiting company contacts you and interview is aligned with your consent. Now comes the main plot. You face several rounds of interview and finally the verdict is out.

On may occasions we find that an average person is influential communication skills is given preference over highly qualified candidate. He possesses many degrees and certifications, discipline, well trained brain and high IQ (Intelligent Quotient), but doesn’t even qualify.

Well, the answer is we are humans and operate on emotions. Intelligence can impress us, but emotion binds the complete company with the glue of trust, empathy and care. This is called emotional intelligence. It is a trick to prove your mettle over the emotions, thoughts, body language and behavior pattern.

Now here are five ways emotional intelligence can help you get your next job:-

Confidence-  The first think the interviewer judge is the confidence. He reads the body language, voice modulation and are you able to make an eye contact. Emotional intelligence calms you down and dispense the confidence to speak for yourself influentially.

Communication- Interview is a question and answer session. Now most of the aspirants have a grip on the subject, but lack presentation skills.Words are magical and can do wonders. Communication can be anything like expressing your personality and traits with some interesting facts making the mood jolly.

Rapport building-  First impression is the last impression. Be an interactive and interesting guy. Don’t just be an answering machine, interact with the interviewer. Share some interesting stories or express your views on why do you want to join the company.

Problem solver- Company hire the employee to ease the burden of work and enhance productivity. Depict your personality as a problem solver. Talk about solutions, skills and your contribution. Show empathy and teamwork.

Nerves of steel-  The interviewer analyzes your temperament to handle stress and pressure. He would throw some tricky questions to judge your patience and resistance power. The key is inner peace.

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