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Five Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a brief understanding about your emotions, feelings and thoughts, entities attached with various emotions and invoking them to one’s advantage and will. Failure is a first step towards success, it is the struggling time, when we self realize our mental strength and miracles happen.

Emotional intelligence dispenses immense mental strength and a skill to decode answer for every problem. It ignites the spark of alpha acceptance, no situation or circumstance can leave a long lasting impact on your personality. Let’s understand it with an example to install the concept of emotional intelligence.

During the scorching summers, you can’t control the sun’s temperature or request him to produce less heat, but can cool yourself by turning on the AC in your room. Same sun, but your issue is resolved.

So, if you are keen to boost the emotional intelligence, here are five most valuable tips:-

Work on the social skills

Social skills are directly interconnected to emotional intelligence. Social skills are about expressing yourself and connect with various people near you forming a social circle. It shows that you are empathic, compassionate and care for other people, instead of being selfish. This is a common trait of emotional intelligence training.

Enjoy every second

It is sad that we have stopped loving our self and found love and happiness in other person. Once, other person stop loving us, we get stressed, anxious and jealous. Once the emotional intelligence is evolved, you will learn to be happy with yourself and everything around. Miracles happen with happy people. According to a research, happy people are more productive and hardly suffer from any kind of mental illness.


Motivations run on auto mode for people with rich emotional intelligence. Motivation allows you to visualize the goals and chase them with full effort. Life is not about manipulations, but unlimited freedom.