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Explore New Love Relationships Through Life Coaching

As a life coach I have come across various cases broken and completely shattered with no real ambition in life. The interesting point is their awareness about what is right and what is wrong, but still out of sheer lust and obsession they can’t put a halt to their misery. Obsession and lust is nothing, but amplified unfulfilled desires. Love is the main reason behind all sorrows. We crave for love and dissolve all emotions and feelings in a love potion just to compel other person to love us. Love is an essence of life.

Once a philosopher said “Love is friendship”, so instead of finding love develop camaraderie with people. If you want to keep a one arm distance with depression, anxiety, insecurity and other phobias, explore new love relationships.

Take some time out for vacations

Lie down on your couch and choose various destinations for vacation. Get in touch with your old gang and make some interesting plans just like Phil, Alan and Stu did in Hangover, which proved to be a roller coaster trip of a lifetime. Take some days off and have a blast. A brief encounter with new person during holidays usually ends up in a lifetime friendship.

I have seen so many couples, who met on a trip, started to enjoy each other company and ended up falling deeply in love. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a risk to ignite romantic relationships.


Carpool is a new eco friendly way to start a new relationship. May companies offer carpool services and is a picture perfect platform to start a new conversation and develop the bond of friendship. Make sure you don’t become too clingy. Try to find out common interests.

Find out new interesting friends on social media

Try to find out your old friends and get in touch with them. Find out new interesting friends, who share common interest. Connect with them and start a friendly conversation.  Try to transform your online friend into real time by meeting at coffee shop or other hangout places.

From my perspective, Human is a social animal always seeking for love, compassion and relationships. There is no harm in finding happiness.

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