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Emotional intelligence for physical and psychological fitness.

Since the mental fitness is the signal of our bliss and happiness, so it is no doubt that rapports depend upon our mental health. In that situation, positive energy and better response to the environment is experienced. Our Emotional Intelligence correlates with rapport along with our soft skill. As per the knowledge base of psychology, our intellectuality is very helpful to maintain the positive energy. It brings up the patience and stamina, which is committed to maintaining mental balance to a stressful mind.

Control variable of EI:

These variables may be collected from demographic information, and it can be based on age, gender, occupation, location and the like.

Scale the negative mental health:

On the basis of self- rapports, it is possible to control the mental balance. The key factors of the self-rapports can be on the basis of our behavioral pattern as like anxiety, insomnia, and disorder in social response, dissatisfaction etc. Every one of these factors contains seven sub factors in four parts in binary form as like (0-0-1-1). Its range is from 0 to 1. As the scale value is higher, it will be a bad mental fitness and vice-versa.

In fact, emotional reactions have a wide range of influence on either our physical and psychological fitness. The states of EI are correlated with cardiovascular activity and immune system. One which EI is good can capable to accept any challenges in life and handle it more efficiently. This is so because; they are expert to control their emotion to get the effective changes in life and their work area. While on the other hand, the person who has low EI are failed to control their emotion in his bad conditions. It may be the cause of taking the destructive steps by him in his life.

Conclusively, there should be avoidance of any destructive decision at any rate in our life. Hence, there is the need to develop the skill so that we can control our emotion at the time of taking any decision more precisely.