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Check In Chuck Out – Breakthrough Mastery Week

Cleaning … stuff you need or don’t, what you want in the house or out of it; this is the time we do it and we really do it well. Home, the way it should look… Good stuff in, Garbage out.

Now my question…

When was the last time you cleaned your mind, your memories, you sat down with your life inventory to look at what is it that you would like to keep and what garbage you need to clear?

Sounds strange… of course. For we allow ourselves to accumulate various life experiences good, bad and a lot of times ugly. At times we are aware of this garbage affecting us and a whole lot of times we don’t even know, we just act and regret later adding more garbage in our life’s bin. These experiences manifest themselves as stress and a whole lot of Dis-eases. Like regular garbage, life garbage too rots and affects all that is beautiful about our life, natural isn’t it?

Since time immemorial, Sages, Psychologists and several Practitioners of various modalities have been working to find means to remove/resolve these structures. Practice of Yoga, Gestalt Psychology, Huna, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence and many other modalities are the result of such relentless effort.

Check In – Chuck Out is one such experience crafted and facilitated by Master Trainer and Coach Sushil Mehrotra using practice and techniques of Yoga, Hypnosis, NLP, Emotional Empowerment and Gestalt. Total interaction of 70 plus hours spread over 7 days of learning, experiences, discussions, one on one interactions for you to experience these modalities in action, and, carry with you tools that will work for you and people you care for. Using his 30 plus years of experience of working with people and enabling them create results. You also earn Dual Certification – fully accredited “NLP Practitioner Certification” and certificate of attendance for “Breakthrough Mastery Week” at the end of this residential program.

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