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Changing Your Attitude to Change

The only thing permanent in life is change. It is the biggest challenge faced us always giving goose bumps, but you will notice that handling change positively or negatively depends on our attitude bringing clarity in thoughts, confidence and a sense of direction giving birth to our emotional intelligence.

When we feel stable and relaxed miles away from change, what will happen? Over a period of time, boredom will creep in diminishing your energy levels. The next of boredom is depression because the adventure and excitement of living life has come to an end.

In a state of realization, we understand the importance of change and its significance for our growth. Change is inevitable. The problem with us is that our mind is manually conditioned to seek positive energy unknowingly disturbing the balance of life.

Life is a balance between positive and negative energy. We have to learn to flow the energy instead of attracting any single pole. Choice is always presented to us, whether to go with the rhythmic flow or resist the change trying to mould or bend the situation to your comfort dispensing fear and resentment. May be a negative change may open an unlimited realms of opportunities.

Negative and positive aspects are born from the womb of our perception and nurtured in the cradle of our belief system. All we need to do is reframe our struggles as monumental step towards growth and prosperity. Without pain sorrow, happiness has no importance on this planet. Hardship and painful experiences will knock you down and out of the battle arena and there could be time, when all aspects that could possibly go wrong will go wrongs pinching life thousands of shafts thrashing the seven layers of skin.

Changing attitude with situation is a sign of high degree of emotional intelligence. Explore it, it is one of the precious and rare element of mind. We are the solution.

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