NLP Training

Change Yourself to Change the World with NLP Training

Lately I have written this blog to define how NLP changed my world by implanting cognitive behavioral therapy propelling my mind to reframe behavior pattern.

Before NLP training

I and my girl friend often fight like cat and dog for no such big reason. It was just she doesn’t want to hear my suggestions, neither I am interested in her blah blah! A few times back this fetish attitude was jeopardizing our romantic relationship. It was dying every moment like a slow poison. We both were messed and it was the first time we faced the compatibility issues.

Over the time I realized that I was suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. I repeated the same things again and again because may be she isn’t realizing my explanations or she is hardly interested. I developed a behavioral loop of shouting at her for even petty issues keeping me exhausted and immensely frustrated.

My behavior was a consequence of not listening to her or to anyone in that case. This is a psychological trap, a dead end until I realized there is a solution. Recently, I was in Delhi and visited NLP training seminar conducted by Wisdom Tree Solutions. It was unintentional as it was just an attempt for a mood fresh, but it changed my entire world by bringing drastic change within.

After NLP training

After the completion of my NLP training in Delhi, it made realize the concept of cognitive behavioral therapy and the core reason behind the problem is my behavior. To succeed in your behavior pattern, you need to set specific goals in order to change the behavior.

I discussed my problem with the NLP practitioner and he explained that there is no point in separation, talking less or ignorance. So he told me to modify the loop. For instance:-

  • Give instruction to her two or thrice at maximum in a day to avoid conflict. Try to discuss only mild topics.
  • Pay attention to other person too. Read the body language and act accordingly.
  • Don’t instruct her, instead request her

I took the complete insight and tried to fit in other person shoes. Soon my problem completely resolved.