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Break the bell…

We in our lives have been haunted by the Bell, I am talking of bell curve that most statisticians are proud of. They find it comforting in dividing the population into the groups of below average, average (or as some call them normal) and above average (they are at times called abnormal as they do most stuff that average person doesn’t do or understand).

It is both ironic and interesting that most find it comforting being part of the average group. Is it because everyone is doing that and I am supposed to do the same or nobody will question me if I did the same or it helps in hiding in the group (on an average we are a bunch of scared and shy people…), I don’t want to comment on, but, I am certain we all look upon the people on the right hand side of the curve. They appear to be happier, wealthier and better in most aspects of life.

Few would tell you how to get there and fewer would help you to get there, I was faced by the same challenge and that is when I got introduced to NLP. One of my good friends Vikkrum Sagar told me about the concept while I was discussing Self-hypnosis with him and since then things started to change around me. I met some wonderful people; I started looking at life differently and was mostly amused by what happens around me.

Welcome to the amazing world of NLP!!!

NLP is the science of excellence, it was put together by studying people who were very effective in whatever they did, many were not even aware of how they did whatever they did, but, one thing was clear, they were all doing something that an average therapist or psychologist was not doing. The study expanded as many got fascinated by results and soon people were studying effective, sales people, negotiators, businessmen, leaders and so on and so forth.

NLP continues to grow even today with more and more practitioners, master practitioner studying and contributing to this science of excellence. . .

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