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Boost Your Self Esteem With This Simple NLP Technique

In a neuro physical language confidence and self esteem is a chemical reaction happening in the limbic brain. Confidence is a psychological tool developed from the past memory, emotions and neuro physical effects on the body. Confidence is earned through experience, but NLP has opened new realms of possibilities.

Confidence can be easily invoked by using this simple NLP technique. Positive confidence is a replica copy of positive emotions. You can take a dip in free flowing confidence by visualizing yourself in a complete new avatar. Portray yourself as a supremely confident person with a robust posture and glittering smile speaking to strangers.

Visualize that in totally unknown setting you are expressing your thoughts and completely being yourself and everybody is in awe of your presence. Yes it is very much possible without any external help. We need to understand the reason behind feeling under confident. Is it rejection or the past experiences are gloomy. Past is full of ashes and future is full of flashes.

If still you can’t imagine yourself as a confident dork, watch a highly charismatic confident person. Analyze his body language, persona and voice modulation. He would be clear, focused and right on the money. Although here are few points gathered through NLP training programs:-

  • Don’t do arguments, leave other person spell bound with a statement
  • Follow the alpha male footsteps. Don’t represent yourself as too serious and modest. Juggle it with humor helpful in grabbing attention.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others neither be too judgmental and competitive. Try to maintain cordial relationship with people around.
  • Always stand in normal posture and have control on your expressions. Don’t look timid
  • Be expressive and express thoughts with clarity.

If confidence doesn’t come to you naturally, master the above mentioned NLP technique and apply it in real life.

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