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5 Things Confident People Do

Confidence is a feeling of certainty backing your repertoire and abilities in handling any given situation effectively. Almost 70% of our decisions are influenced by others, past track record and mass consciousness, making us a mere puppet controlled by the society.

When we cut off our ties with the external world and start believing our instincts, confidence emerges on the top surface. The courage to take risks; never say die attitude and fighting tendency to combat the obstacles and reach the desired goal are few symptoms of towering confidence.

A confident person is a source of inspiration for people around, he is never a part of the rat race. He designs his own road, own rules and follows them religiously. Once Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar said “Success is a process… during that journey sometimes there are stones thrown at you, and you convert them into milestones,”.

Confident people don’t do different things, they do same things differently. Here are top ten things, confident people usually do:-

Self-efficacy- Confident people never make excuses, you would hardly hear these people blaming situations, resources and people for their failure. They have control over their emotions and believe in making things happen irrespective of all odd situations.

They never quit- “Winners never quit, quitters never win” , confident people never quit, they keep trying until taste success. It doesn’t mean they keep trying the same thing again and again. They experiment with their approach and don’t repeat the same mistake.

They don’t seek attention & praise from others

Confident people derive their self-worth and praise from within. Inner conscience is the source of their inspiration, they don’t attention and praise from others. People change with time and impressing them to earn self –worth is a waste of time and energy.

They never judge others

Confident people understand the facts of life and never judge others using them as a comparison tool to evaluate personal growth and performance. Everyone is different and possesses their own strength and weakness; copycat is for monkeys not humans.

They never define their territories

Confident and successful people never define their territories, making them complacent and lazy. They keep expanding their limitations and are always on the go all the time. Struggle and discomfort keeps us awake for success. Remember, no pain, no gain.

A person pouring with confidence is eligible to become most wanted leader. There is a plethora of examples available in the annals. Our Leadership Training Program takes a leaf out of annals and presents them in the most interactive way possible.